Costuming, music, and original pieces.

Above all the words that might represent me, I consider myself a ludic teacher and person.

I have played piano since 1993, with adult courses taken in 2009. I took vocal lessons as part of my training/education until 2000 and further adult courses in 2009. I began learning ukulele as a means of portable accompaniment in 2017. I have continued developing my skills at the strings, but have had no opportunities to share it.

I would love to start a cover band, thank you for asking.

While working at the Iowa City Recreation Division, I was able to use my performance, set design, and costuming skills in the role of Lady Winter at the Winter Solstice Festival and the Fortune Teller at the Halloween parade and carnival. These were both interactive "pop up" characters who played a part in each event, and were first conceived by the division head Joyce Carroll with me in mind. As event coordinator, I used my technical skills to create a number of new games and scenarios for the Halloween Parade and Carnival, and crafted my own room of fortunes using a large variety of unique set pieces. Lady Winter was present to guide interactive readings, like "The Longest Night" and lead children from the festival to the outdoor winter garden for a lantern ceremony where we read poetry and rang bells to welcome to new year. This festival continues to be a place for members of the community to do free crafts and enjoy cocoa while ringing in the coming of Winter.

Attending the Savannah Arts Academy presented me with many opportunities as a young performer that now eke their way into my teaching. I often forget how privileged I am to have taken such specialized, professional courses as an adolscent. I became a costume and set designer for a number of pieces, which as I think back, were incredibly really bold for that era. I was prop master for You're a Good Man Charlie Brown creating massively large renditions of classroom supplies to scale down the cast members, set tech for The Girl Friend and Joseph, moving pieces in the dark, and costumer for a cyberpunk rendition of Hamlet. I held the titular role of Rosencrantz in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead in 2002 (despite usually being referred to as she), and the lead role in Sorry, Wrong Number for which I won the Best Actress Award for our division. This occurred nearly two decades ago, and I still consider this one of my proudest accomplishments. I did not need to achieve anything more. Part of me wonders why I didn't pursue performance more seriously, but I am glad I have my "day job" where I can perform everyday as a teacher and create wonder in children.