To whom it may concern,

This is a dynamic biography. I edit as I please. Such is life.

My name is Jill Marie Abruzzio. I'm changing, and I grow. At this time, I am 37.5 years old and I identify as a demi-girl/tomboy. I currently live in Seattle with my partner of over two years, Max, my dog, Marlowe (age 13), and my cat, Ignatius (also age 13). I typically present as a femme and usually answer to she/they pronouns. I consider myself queer and gender non-conforming (when not performing). I am neurodivergent and asocial, an INFJ. I have always been this way. I use the term disabled to describe myself, but I am well aware of the differences in disabilities. I do know this world is not engineered to accommodate many other people aside from myself.

I'm a professional bilingual educator who specializes in Francophone students from a wide range of backgrounds. I am above average at speaking languages. I have too many hobbies.

I was born in the tumultuous town of Montgomery, Alabama; I was taken quickly to Savannah, Georgia before my first birthday, and upon my age of 17, I left shortly for Las Vegas on a greyhound bus. I packed all of my dearest items, which read like a list of items a child would take with them when they run away. After a few months between homes, I returned to Savannah, only to leave for Iowa City, and to return to Savannah once more, then finally settle in Iowa City for 10 years where I felt I was home. After a looming and omnipresent period of chronic and unresolvable discomfort, I found myself stranded, in love, in Seattle, where I currently reside. Compared to some, I have seen more than I wanted to. In fact, compared to most, I feel that at my current ageI have seen too much. Yet, I consider myself an avid pursuant of truth and always with my eyes open to justice, and change. You might have known a me once. Maybe I'm not that me now.

I am so grateful to all indigenous people for their care and keeping of this land that I was born onto. I am grateful to all people of color for teaching me how to (and that I must) be better, whether intended or not, and I make this promise to all of you that I will do my best to defend and protect you from oppression in my role as a white person. I know now that I must make space.

I created this site as a way to compile some of the social and artistic projects I've had over the years, though it is in no way complete at this point, nor will it ever be. I have as many secrets as skills. I don't believe that my creation of art warrants sharing proof, and in that I ask why we create art in the first place. Please don't think that I am only capable of what you see here, and on the other hand, understand that you, too, are capable of more.

I share with you now some of my dreams before I reach the age of forty by May 2025:

I have been working steadfastly on obtaining my Italian citizenship so I might work in the EU, specifically France, in my later years as an English teacher or in other fields. This is not as time consuming as I thought, but at first intimidating to embark upon. I'm happy to share that I'm 3rd generation Sicilian/Italian hailing from Soverato, Catanzaro, Calabria. And though I'm only 2nd generation English, the UK is staunchly difficult and inflexible regarding citizenship. I only wish I had known about this sooner in life so I might have begun this epic earlier.

I have invested some time lately in developing a slow wardrobe, and though I am a person of meager means, I have been learning to alter and sew garments from scratch very slowly. I have thus far constructed several heavy-duty upcycled bags and personalized many of my own belongings. I often play with jewelry fragments and found bits and baubles to make wearable artwork or nostalgic ornaments.

In the meanwhile, I only hope to find a more sustainable and financially sound way of living as Seattle only grows more difficult by the day. I have some regrets about coming here, and yet it has been hard to resettle in the wake of the pandemic. I live a somewhat comfortable life, without all the ease and slow-paced pleasures of a small town. Perhaps I'll find a suburb north of Paris to inhabit in the next couple of years, perhaps not. It's an adventure.

If you were looking for a place where I list my interests and politics, unfortunately, I only do that in person, over drinks or dinner. You won't find me on social media, so if you'd like to hear me speak candidly about my favorite films, the albums which have impacted me most, how I'm doing since my broken ankle, or what my opinions are on Rat City, I ask that you drop me a line via the contact form.