A Comprehensive Portfolio of the Works, Writing, and Wanderlust of Jill Abruzzio

To whom it may concern,

My name is Jill Marie Abruzzio. At this time, I am 37 years old and I identify as a demi-girl/tomboy. I currently live in Seattle with my partner, Max, my dog, Marlowe, and my cat, Ignatius. I typically present as a femme and usually answer to she/they pronouns. I consider myself queer and gender non-conforming (when not performing). I am neurodivergent and asocial, an INFJ. I have always been this way. I use the term disabled to describe myself, but I am well aware of the differences in disabilities. I do know this world is not engineered to accommodate many other people aside from myself.

I was born in the tumultuous town of Montgomery, Alabama; I was taken quickly to Savannah, Georgia before my first birthday, and upon my age of 17, I left shortly for Las Vegas on a greyhound bus. I packed all of my dearest items, which read like a list of items a child would take with them when they run away. After a few months between homes, I returned to Savannah, only to leave for Iowa City, and to return to Savannah once more, then finally settle in Iowa City for 10 years where I felt I was home. After a looming and omnipresent period of chronic and unresolvable discomfort, I found myself stranded, in love, in Seattle, where I currently reside. Compared to some, I have seen more than I wanted to. In fact, compared to most, I feel that at my current ageI have seen too much. Yet, I consider myself an avid pursuant of truth and always with my eyes open to justice, and change. You might have known a me once. Maybe I'm not that me now.

I am so grateful to all indigenous people for their care and keeping of this land that I was born onto. I am grateful to all people of color for teaching me how to (and that I must) be better, whether intended or not, and I make this promise to all of you that I will do my best to defend and protect you from oppression in my role as a white person. I know now that I must make space.

I ask that if you wish to connect with me either personally or professionally, that you please drop me a line using the below form.